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Mahathir Hates Being Preempted Or Second-Guessed

In short, Plan A is to blackmail the MACC and AGC and make them do Mahathir’s bidding. Then the MACC and AGC will be used to blackmail Najib to do his bidding. If Najib refuses then Plan B will be launched to get the MACC and AGC to resurrect the July 2015 charge sheet and fix him up on the allegation that the RM2.6 billion was stolen from 1MDB and was not a donation from the Saudis, which Sarawak Reportpublished on 30th July 2015 and which the MACC alleged via a police report on 4th August 2015 is a fake charge sheet.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

“Saya hairan tanya soalan berkenaan dengan Raja Petra. Dia itu mabuk, dia minum selalu, dia tak bercakap betul, dia tak tahu apa, dia duduk di London.”

That was what Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad replied when asked by the press yesterday regarding the three articles that Malaysia Today published earlier this week

The point is Mahathir hates being preempted or second-guessed (second-guessed: anticipated or predicted). He likes to feel he is in control at all times and that he decides when and how an attack is going to be made. If preempted or second-guessed then he is no longer in control and would have lost the element of surprise.

For the last three years Najib has outwitted Mahathir every step of the way.

Sun Tzu said one must always engage the enemy on your terms and not on your enemy’s terms. You must also decide when and how the engagement should happen and an attack must be a surprise and not anticipated. Furthermore, you much engage the enemy on your turf and not on your enemy’s turf. So you must draw the enemy onto your turf and never get drawn onto your enemy’s turf. Most importantly, use deception to defeat the enemy and let your enemy think you are attacking from the right when you are actually attacking from the left.

Yes, and that is what Mahathir thought he was doing when he said Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak must be removed before the general election and that if Plan A fails, and Najib does not fall, then he will execute Plan B — plus he will keep the details of Plan B close to his chest and will not reveal what it is.

Mahathir does not seem to be good at arithmetic if he is talking about Plan A and Plan B. He already executed Plan A, Plan B and Plan C in 2015 and since then he executed Plan D, Plan E, Plan F, Plan G, Plan H and so on. And all plans from A to H (or maybe Plans I, J, K and L as well) have failed. So Mahathir is not taking about Plan A and Plan B any more but Plan M and Plan N.

The way he is going, Mahathir is going to eventually run out of alphabets and will soon be talking about Plan AA, Plan AB, Plan AC and so on. Anyway, Mahathir’s Plan A was in July 2015 followed by Plans B and C in October and December 2015. This was the coup d’état during the 29th July Cabinet meeting, the October vote-of-no-confidence in Parliament, and the December vote-of-no-confidence during the Umno annual assembly.

Mahathir’s Plan C, the vote-of-no-confidence at the Umno annual assembly in December 2015, failed to even take off and instead Mahathir went away looking like an idiot.

All failed so Mahathir organised the 20th July 2016 US DoJ press conference followed by the 15th June 2017 US DoJ press conference. These two press conferences were supposed to nail Najib and force his resignation. Those, too, failed. This final push is supposed to be executed before the end of January 2018 so that Najib will not be leading Umno and Barisan Nasional in the next general election that Mahathir says will be around March-April 2018.

Anyway, let’s humour Mahathir and talk about his Plan A and Plan B (if he insists it is Plan A and Plan B, as he said recently, and not Plan M and Plan N). What is the Plan A that he is working on and what is the Plan B that is his backup plan in the event Plan A fails?

Plan A and Plan B are supposed to be a secret. It is his sneak-attack that is supposed to catch Najib by surprise and make him beg to do a deal. And the details have been mentioned in the three articles mentioned above (Mukhriz’s Political Future Getting Bleaker By The Day, Mahathir Wants Najib To Appoint Mukhriz As DPM II and It’s Mahathir Who Wants Dzulkifli Removed After All).

Mahathir is very angry that his plot to blackmail the MACC and AGC to corner Najib has been exposed and can no longer be used

The Reformasi movement is fiercely opposed to Mahathir being named Pakatan Harapan’s Prime Minister-in-waiting and they made this clear in their press statement, which you can read below. PKR, DAP and PAN have also kept silent and have not issued any strong statement to say that Mahathir is Pakatan Harapan’s nominated Prime Minister-in-waiting. Only PPBM have spoken and even then they did not name Mahathir as their choice of Prime Minister-in-waiting but merely said the Prime Minister-in-waiting must be named before and not after the general election.

Nurul Izzah Anwar said naming the Prime Minister-in-waiting is not a priority and can be done after the general election. The priority is to first win the general election. But even a scatter-brain knows that the voters will not vote for Pakatan Harapan if they do not know who is going to be in charge if Pakatan Harapan takes over.

So Nurul Izzah’s statement is not serious and is merely a way of saying that the Prime Minister-in-waiting is not Mahathir. Why would Nurul Izzah back Mahathir as Prime Minister when it is because of him Anwar Ibrahim ended up in jail instead of becoming Prime Minister in 2000?

Muhyiddin Yassin wants the Prime Minister-in-waiting named before the general election but Nurul Izzah Anwar said that is not necessary and can be done after the general election, effectively saying it is not going to be Mukhriz

What Mahathir really wants is for Mukhriz to become Deputy Prime Minister. That was the plan for the last eight years since 2009. And Mukhriz was supposed to have been the Umno Youth Leader in 2009 and an Umno Vice President in 2013. After that Mukhriz would become Deputy Prime Minister and then Prime Minister in 2020.

That is Mahathir’s real Wawasan 2020 which he was talking about.

And Najib was supposed to make sure this plan succeeded. But he did not. And that was why Mahathir made his move to get rid of Najib in 2014. However, that was three years ago. And even when Plan A became Plan B, and then became Plans C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, etc., Najib still could not be ousted.

Mahathir then made the mistake of breaking his own Golden Rule. And that Golden Rule, which Mahathir constantly reminded people of, is that if you want to oust the Prime Minister you must do it from inside Umno and not from outside. That was the reason why Mahathir closed down Umno and set up Umno Baru — so that he could kick Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah out, knowing that from outside Umno Ku Li would never be able to oust him.

But then that is typical of Mahathir. When Mukhriz was removed as the Kedah Menteri Besar on 3rd February 2016 Mahathir resigned from Umno on 29th February 2016 thinking that Umno would panic and would force Najib to pujuk Mahathir to come back to Umno. And when Najib pujuk him to return to Umno Mahathir would lay down his terms and conditions, the main one being to appoint Mukhriz the Deputy Prime Minister.

But Umno did not force Najib to pujuk Mahathir to come back to Umno, so Najib did not pujukMahathir to come back to Umno. So Mahathir had no choice but to form his own party and continue to attack Najib from outside Umno — a violation of Mahathir’s own Golden Rule on how not to oust the Prime Minister.

Mahathir knows if he wants to make Mukhriz the Deputy Prime Minister, and then the Prime Minister, it cannot be done via Pakatan Harapan. It must be done via Umno. So if Mukhriz wants to become the Deputy Prime Minister, and then the Prime Minister, Mahathir has to find a way for both of them to return to Umno. And if Najib will not voluntarily invite Mahathir and Mukhriz to return to Umno then he must be blackmailed into doing so.

If Mahathir wants Mukhriz to be DPM II then it must be via Umno and not via Pakatan Harapan that rejects him

And this is where the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) come in. For Mahathir’s plan to succeed the MACC and AGC must be on the same page with him, like what happened back in early 2015. The MACC and AGC will be used to threaten Najib with arrest unless he agrees to a deal, like what happened back in early 2015. And the deal is either play ball and agree to what Mahathir wants or else go to jail, like what they tried to do back in July 2015.

Basically Mahathir is recycling the July 2015 coup d’état strategy, although it failed back in July 2015. The reason it failed is simple — Najib preempted the coup d’état and struck first. This time Mahathir has to strike first and make sure he pins Najib down. Once Najib is pinned down he cannot strike back like in July 2015.

For Mahathir to get the MACC and AGC to be on the same page with him he needs to blackmail them. Once the MACC and AGC are cornered, they will be forced to do his bidding. Then Mahathir will let them loose on Najib and Najib either agrees to the deal or dies.

In 2015 Mahathir used the 1MDB issue. That issue is now dead so Mahathir wants to use the RM2.6 billion issue this time around. The truth is that issue is also dead, as can be seen from the August 2015 newspaper cuttings below. But then dead issues such as the RM2.6 billion donation can be brought back to life if the MACC and AGC wants it to be resurrected. And this is what Mahathir’s Plan A is all about.

Sarawak Report published this fake charge sheet, which Mahathir wants resurrected if Najib does not play ball and appoint Mukhriz the DPM II next week

In short, Plan A is to blackmail the MACC and AGC and make them do Mahathir’s bidding. Then the MACC and AGC will be used to blackmail Najib to do his bidding. If Najib refuses then Plan B will be launched to get the MACC and AGC to resurrect the July 2015 charge sheet and fix him up on the allegation that the RM2.6 billion was stolen from 1MDB and was not a donation from the Saudis, which Sarawak Report published on 30th July 2015 and which the MACC alleged via a police report on 4th August 2015 is a fake charge sheet.

Whether the charge sheet and the allegation is true or fabricated does not matter. If the MACC and AGC says it is true then it is true. The fact that in August 2015 the MACC and AGC confirmed the RM2.6 billion was a donation and was not stolen from 1MDB does not matter. They can always say they were mistaken at that time and now they are not mistaken. And Najib can be dragged to jail and a new Prime Minister takes over with Mukhriz as the new Deputy Prime Minister. Or Najib can appoint Mukhriz the Deputy Prime Minister II now and everyone lives happily ever after.


The Reformasi movement rejects Mahathir and Mukhriz

Salam Reformasi!

Pro98 Reformis Malaysia mengulangi pendirian akan bekerjasama dengan siapa saja yang ingin menjayakan agenda Reformasi yang dinyalakan pada tahun 1998.

Pro98 Reformis juga ingin mengingatkan semua bahawa DS Anwar Ibrahim adalah tunggak kekuatan Reformasi yang telah melakar landskap baru politik tanah air pasca 1998.

Bermula dengan gerakan ADIL hingga tertubuhnya Parti Keadilan, diikuti dengan tercipta politik baru Barisan Alternatif yang kemudian bertukar kepada Pakatan Rakyat dan kini Pakatan Harapan, tidak syak lagi Anwar adalah nadi dan ruh perjuangan Reformasi.

Ketokohan Anwar tidak diragui apabila Konvensyen Pertama Pakatan Harapan telah sebulat suara mencalunkan Anwar sebagai Perdana Menteri ke7. Konvensyen juga sepakat menamakan DS Wan Azizah sebagai Interim PM andai ditakdirkan Anwar masih dalam penjara.

Pro98 Reformis dengan ini menggesa semua pihak menghormati keputusan Konvensyen Harapan tersebut demi mengekalkan kesatuan serta kepercayaan dan keyakinan rakyat khususnya pendukung Reformasi keatas Pakatan Harapan.

Pakatan Harapan’s PM-in-waiting is Anwar Ibrahim and not Mahathir or Mukhriz

Pro98 Reformis amat memandang serius polemik pemilihan calun PM yang melanda Pakatan Harapan pada saat ini kerana ia mampu memecah belahkan Pakatan seterusnya menghalang kemaraan Pakatan ke Putrajaya sekali gus menghancurkan harapan Rakyat Malaysia.

Pro98 Reformis dengan ini menyeru semua pihak dalam Pakatan Harapan agar menumpukan kepada usaha memperkukuh kesatuan dan memperkasa gerak kerja teratur serta meyakinkan agar sokongan 52% rakyat yang memberi undi dalam PRU13 dapat dikekalkan dan 48% yang lain dapat kita tawan.

Pro98 Reformis amat yakin bahawa setelah melalui 20 tahun jatuh bangun dalam perjuangan Reformasi, kita kini telah memiliki pemimpin yang gagah serta berwibawa untuk menjayakan agenda perubahan dalam Negara tercinta. Pemimpin yang dimaksudkan tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah DS Anwar Ibrahim dan DS Wan Azizah.

Salam Perjuangan.

30 Disember 2017.

– Pak Rusli Ibrahim (Penaung Pro98 Reformis)

– Dr Badrulamin (Pengerusi Pro98 Reformis)

– Mohd. Ali (Bendahari Pro98 Reformis)

– Yusmadi (#FreeAnwarNow)

– Gana (March2Freedom)


– Din Binjai (Jingga 13)

– Ronnie (Otai Reformis)

– Farhan (Anwar Ibrahim Club)

– Eddy Jab (Skuad AMK)

– Asrol (AMK Pulau Pinang)

– Dato Halim (Presiden Bekas Tentera N9)

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